Dallas Rug Cleaning by DFW Steam Cleaning

We provide full professional rug cleaning service on Oriental Rugs, Persian Rugs, Area Rugs, Wool Rugs, and all other rugs including Domestic or Hand Made Rugs. Whethere you invest a lot of money or just enough, the best way to extend the life of your rugs is with proper maintenance and professional rug cleaning at least once every twelve to eighteen months.


Professional Rug Cleaning


Rugs need to be cared for professionally just as your carpets do. We believe that every rug has individual qualities that need professional attention. They hold many unseen germs, allergens, and dirt. Our rug cleaning technicians prefer the steam cleaning method for removing dirt and also to sanitize and deodorize your rugs, runners and all other rugs as well. The steam cleaning method our techs use consists of a five step cleaning process which includes a pre inspection, pretreatment, cleaning, drying and final inspection. After this if needed we will repeat any of the five steps necessary until the rug is clean and beautiful.


Quality Care and Service


All of our rug cleaning technicians are trained in every carpet/rug cleaning technique. They will even take care of the underlying floor surfaces providing floor cleaning, waxing and polishing if desired. So when the time comes to treat removable rugs do not hesitate to request one of our highly experienced technicians.